Politics, Climate & Investments – A Conversation with Al Gore

22 February 13.00
Al Gore, Former US Vice-President

How Apple Changed the World & the Next Episode in Tech, a Conversation with Steve Wozniak

23 February 15.40
Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder, Apple
Moderator: Linda Nyberg

Laserdome Tournament: Founders vs Investors Antler

February 21

Tech & Innovation in Zero Gravity – A Conversation with Jessica Meir, NASA Astronaut

Jessica Meir, NASA Astronaut

Shifting the Paradigm: Addressing the Biggest Challenge of Our Time

Andrew Bowie MP, UK Minister for Nuclear and Renewable
Elisabeth Sterner, Head of Nordic Region, BlackRock
Elena Bou, Co-Founder, EIT InnoEnergy
Alexander Hartman, CFO, Northvolt