The Tech Arena 2024 / Investor

Looking to meet fellow investors, LPs, VCs, angels, as well as startups and executives?

For two days, the European tech ecosystem will gather to give you insights and inspiration. Network with fellow investors from all over the world and get new perspectives on the future of investing and tech. Explore the tech exhibit and pitch stages of handpicked startups, scaleups, and partners from a variety of sectors.

Book meetings with LPs, VCs, and entrepreneurs. Get the most out of networking and schedule meetings with the investors, mentors, and potential clients you want to meet.

The investor pass gives you access to exclusive investor events and priority invitations to investor-only panels, roundtables, and seminars.

Need a break from the exhibition hall? Take a breather in the investor lounge, meet fellow investors, share insights, and potentially co-invest in promising ventures.

Exclusively for Investor pass holders

Join fellow investors at Investor Day, an exclusive gathering the day before The Tech Arena. Investor Day is focused on connecting investors with one another through peer-to-peer roundtables, venture-focused stage programs, networking, and more.

Investor Day is included in the Investor Pass

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Exclusively for Investor pass holders

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Investor Day - 21st of February

Included in the Investor pass (not Angel Investor Pass)

Get the most out of your experience and join fellow investors at Investor Day — an exclusive gathering the day before The Tech Arena. 

  • Round Table Discussions: Engage in meaningful conversations with peers.
  • LP Meet Up: Gather to network and explore new opportunities.
  • Matchmaking and Networking: Get an extra day of investor meetings.
  • LP/VC Sessions: Future projection and knowledge sharing between LP’s and VC’s.
  • Keynote Speakers: A few handpicked keynote speakers share insights and experiences.

VC Sessions

11:00 - 12:30 Laserdome Tournament: Founders vs. Investors

Location: Laserdome Stockholm, Surbrunnsgatan 42

Start 14:00 Check-in and Mingle

Location - Entré B, Friends Arena. Get your pass at the entrance.

15:00-15:20 Consolidation of Venture Capital - a good or a bad thing?

Consolidation, a very important trend in VC at the moment. There are arguments both ways on whether it is positive or negative - let’s discuss those! The discussion will briefly also touch upon VC fundraising and advice for smaller funds on how to fundraise.
Panel discussion

15:25-15:45 Scaling Impact and Navigating the Future of Sustainable Ventures

Dive into the world of sustainable and impact investing. This panel will explore the growing significance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in venture capital decisions, with a focus on funding startups committed to driving positive change for the planet.
Panel discussion

15:50-16:10 AI Revolution: How an investor’s workflow has changed with the help of AI tools

Delve into the transformative power of artificial intelligence and explore its widespread applications. We’ll discuss how some VC funds are working with AI tools today with practical examples, and how it has changed their workflow and efficiency.
panel discussion

LP Sessions

Start 14:00 Check-in and Mingle

Location: Entré B, Friends Arena. Get your pass at the entrance.

15:45-16:15 Venture Capital Fund-of-Funds Insights

We are deep diving into the report by Mountside Ventures (10 min presentation) that reveals and analyses what the largest Limited Partner base in Europe, Fund-of-Funds, looks for when investing in VCs. We will then open up for discussion and go through the thesis, investment process and insights from the most common investors into VCs.
panel discussion

16:15-16:45 LP The LP Nexus: Investing in VC Funds in 2024

Join a discussion on the dynamics of the investment landscape in 2024. This panel brings together limited partners to explore the evolving trends, strategies, and opportunities in deploying capital in the current economic and investment climate.
panel discussion

VC & LP Sessions

16:15-16:45 Roundtable discussions

Find your preferred topic of discussion at the assigned table


Mingle & Networking


Climate Tech Investor Mingle with Sting. Location: Entré B, Friends Arena


Investor Dinner at The Tech Arena

21:00 - 01:00 The Official Tech Arena 2024 Investor Launch Bash.

Location: Moyagi, Brunkebergstorg 3, 111 51 Stockholm, Sweden. Join us and fellow investors for a late evening full of fun!