The Voting Period is Now Closed

The Become a Speaker voting period is now closed. Stay tuned for the results. 

We know that there are many brilliant people with interesting stories. That’s why we created the opportunity for anyone to apply to Become a Speaker at The Tech Arena 2024. 

Browse through the finalists below and await the final results. 

Anette Miwa Dimmen

AWAN: As We Are Now

Addressing fashion’s environmental impact: AWAN’s solution – closing the gap between what we buy and what we wear. A simple step to save our planet!

Alexander Morad

Bright Mind Agency

Listen to critically acclaimed Alexander Morad when he uncovers thrilling, easy-to-use AI best practices that can revolutionize your business and literally- save your life.

Frank Diana


In this compelling presentation, futurist Frank Diana guides leaders through a transformative journey encompassing history and the future. Encouraging a forward-thinking mindset, the presentation unfolds in three impactful sections. Delving into history, Diana illuminates patterns and lessons, urging us to learn and unlearn. The narrative seamlessly transitions to the present, identifying signals that foretell futures across diverse domains. This convergence challenges beliefs, paving the way for a mindset change.

The exploration deepens as Diana weaves these forces, demonstrating their impact on specific domains. This rehearsal of the future equips leaders to navigate uncertainties, adapt, innovate, and thrive in our complex world. In an engaging presentation, his interdisciplinary perspective connects the dots, unravels complexity, and empowers leaders to reimagine the future across sectors, exploring opportunities, risks, strategies, and values. Standing on the cusp of a transformative decade, Diana’s presentation is a beacon, guiding leaders to anticipate and prepare for impending shifts.

Dr. Raul V. Rodriguez

Woxsen University

Ed revolution! AI-powered tool categorizes students, tailor learning to personality, goals & skills. Future-proof graduates equipped for a changing world.

Sofia Breitholtz

Reach for Change

We have the power to build a more inclusive world by reaching more children with better education and learning – and tech can help us do that. Local social entrepreneurs play a unique role in reaching those who do not have the same opportunities, improving access with solutions that are innovative, effective and locally owned. In my talk I look forward to taking you on a journey, sharing stories of entrepreneurs who are shaping new EdTech models that are truly inclusive and will empower the next generation, and generations to come. 

Ingmar Rentzhog

We Don’t Have Time

Join the founder of the world’s largest social media for climate solutions in his keynote about climate progress and how we all can #PopTheCork

Renato Gomes

Pix Force

Renato Gomes, from Pix Force, will discuss the role of computer vision and AI in environmental preservation, sharing emblematic cases during the talk.

Sethu Saveda Suvanam


The era of Space Internet of Things (Space IoT) is soon upon us, and it will address the main challenges in terrestrial IoT deployments – global coverage, scalability, and real-time connectivity. Software-first satellites are at the forefront of this transformation.

Maxime Lagane

123 Next Generation

A few tips on how you can unlock your company’s growth & innovation by developing your team’s potential, corporate culture, and communication, empowering all generations.

Melissa Frakman


A global wave of Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) is sweeping the world, with India leading the charge in implementing large-scale digital systems that are both cost-effective and accessible to the underprivileged. Launched over a decade ago, India’s DPI, also known as “India Stack”, serves a staggering 1.4 billion people and stands as a free, interoperable platform, inviting software developers from around the world to tap into its potential and build innovative applications on top of it. In her insightful talk, Melissa meticulously unravels the layers of India Stack and its transformative potential, also looking at other international examples such as PIX in Brazil and FedNow in the U.S.. She outlines how DPI is reshaping these countries’ economic landscape, and how other nations are in the process of learning from and imitating those experiences. Finally, she explains how startups and global companies can prepare for and embrace this historic innovation.

Suzan Hourieh Lindberg


In her talk, Suzan will invite you to discover Perspetivo’s realm of representative data that represents the diverse voices in our societies. The world is in need of hope and collective change. By aligning tech and business objectives with social good, Perspetivo demonstrates that representative data is accurate data and that it is a powerful tool for positive change. This approach not only amplifies all voices but also aligns with a commitment to societal and business progress. Learn how this synergy of technology and inclusivity foster a sustainable and prosperous – future for all.

Anastasiya Kornitska


Cyber-physical systems, crucial for society’s vital functions like critical infrastructure, manufacturing, energy, water delivery, are increasingly interconnected, heightening the risk of impactful incidents such as cyberattacks. This presentation uses real-world examples from various sectors in Sweden and globally, highlighting potential risks from overlooked errors or decisions.

It showcases a team’s findings from numerous security assessments, offering new perspectives on risk management in technical areas, from perimeter security, network and interconnetions, and third-party relations. Speaker Anastasiya Kornitska, a senior cyber-physical security specialist at Afry with extensive experience in OT security, will share insights from their teams’ professional journey, including her work in establishing OT security at international companies.